Email Integration

Email Integration

Your site is live on Cloudlfare – nice work!

Please double check the footers and contact info at the bottom. Adjust DB if necessary

Adjust Contact Form: [email protected]

Add this to FB Developer Redirect:

Add this to LI Developer Redirect:

Email Setup


1. Create the list. Steve is the only contact for now…

Email First Name Last Name Phone Number Address
 [email protected]  Steve  Doyle  +1 508.982.0094  1155 Brickell Bay Dr, Suite C2-0, Miami, Florida


2. Create the Email

– Header:
Steve Doyle

– Body
RSS Feeds should be:

– Footer


Steve Doyle


   +1 508.982.0094

   Explore My Website

   Your Real Estate Expert


Send Confirmation Email to Steve, [email protected]

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