Share at Sea: Fractional Navigation

Share at Sea: Fractional Navigation

The Program

Professionally Managed Yachts

Yacht Service, Maintenance and Operation at the highest level.

Certified crews regularly trained.

Total support and logistics operation.

No surprises.

The most efficient way to enjoy yachting

Share at Sea is a “Fractional Ownership” program in which you buy a part of a yacht and the right to use the rest of the yachts in the fleet.

Each 12.5% fraction consists of 5 weeks a year (5 days ea.) on one of the Share at Sea yachts, as well as concierge services and travel advisory before, during and after each trip.

An exceptional experience

All preventive and corrective maintenance as well as interior repair -for normal wear- are covered by the Program.

Yachts are equipped with a wide range of toys, including:

  • Wave Runner
  • SeaBobs,
  • Kayaks
  • Skis

Customized Travel Experience:

  • Transportation Services.
  • Restaurant and Beach Club reservations.
  • Golf Club reservations.
  • Tailored gastronomic experiences including kids’ menus.
  • Tour reservations.
  • Fishing Charter reservations.
  • Diving Charter reservations.

Decide today where to sail during your next holiday vacation

Current destinations are:

PRINCESS ONE & TWO: Sea of Cortez and destinations within the Mexican Pacific Coast. PRINCESS THREE: Caribbean Sea, British Virgin Islands and Bahamas.



Yacht Price: $10,500,000 USD

12.5% Share: $1,300,000 USD

User Weeks a Year: 5 Weeks

Annual Operating Cost: $130,000 USD

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